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DKOI Snap Monument Style
4G Control from Anywhere
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Are you looking for a sign? You’ve come to the right place! DKOI builds, sells, and rents portable and permanent digital signs. We also have a growing network of digital billboards to advertise on. The DKOI Snap is an EASY to install and SIMPLE to operate digital prefab sign for your business. Use it to promote job openings, events, brand recognition, sales & specials, community messages, etc.

First pick the style.

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Choose your style

Upgrade the display

Next, pick the screen quality. The DKOI Snap comes with a standard “p10” or 10mm display which works well for simple pictures and large text. You may choose to upgrade the DKOI Snap to a “p6.8” or 6.8mm display which is great for more detailed images, smaller text and videos! The smaller the number, the better the image.

What is the DKOI Snap?

The DKOI Snap is a communication tool. You can use it for many things such as help wanted ads, brand recognition, sales and specials, promoting events, or sharing other messages. The DKOI Snap is a prefab digital LED sign built on a steel frame that is designed to be shipped to you and installed by your local contractors with minimal effort.

Is it worth it?

Let’s do a little bit of math! In the small town of Rock Valley, Iowa (population of 3,500) where DKOI is located, 5,000 or more vehicles travel past our business each day on the main highway. Over a year, that is 1,825,000 vehicles! If you owned the highest priced DKOI Snap for only 1 year, the price per view is just about 1.7 cents. The average cost per view of an ad on YouTube is 5 cents or more! The DKOI Snap is almost 3 times cheaper. Over 5 years, the price per view on your DKOI Snap drops to less than a third of a cent! If you have more traffic on your road than we do, you can see even lower prices per view. The DKOI Snap is cheap marketing all day, every day, all year around!

What are the dimensions?

All DKOI Snaps have a full-color outdoor rated display (47.25” x 94.5”) We call it a 4’ x 8’ display. The display is double-sided. The screen and standard base are approximately 5.5′ tall. With the monument style riser, it is approximately 8′ tall and with the pole kit it can range from 10′ to 20′ tall. The heights provided do not include footings.

How do I install it?

The DKOI Snap is built in our shop and shipped to you ready to secure to your footing and connect to power and internet. However, if you are purchasing the riser or pole kit, there is slightly more assembly, but it’s simple and we will provide an installation guide to your contractor when they are ready for installation. Once your sign is connected to power and internet, we can schedule a time for remote training with whoever plans to run the sign.

How do I control it?

If you connect the sign to the internet via wifi, network cable, or optional cellular service plan, then you can control the sign remotely with the included simple, cloud-based, scheduling tool. We will provide training. Most customers know how to run the sign after 30-60 minutes.

What’s next?

We build your sign and ship it to you or you can pick it up in Rock Valley, IA. Fill out the form at the top of the page to start your order. One of our team members will reach out to you to keep things moving! 10% down at time of order. Remaining balance due before it leaves our shop. We are located in Rock Valley, Iowa.

The fine print

Customers are responsible for adhering to any sign regulations and acquiring any required permits. This webpage is for reference only. Prices, availability, and lead times subject to change without notice. Contact DKOI to confirm prices, availability, and lead times. Signs can be picked up in Rock Valley, IA or we can quote delivery based on your location.

Call one of our team members to talk about your project today!

888-995-DKOI (3564)

Custom signs

Some customers hire local steel fabricators or masons to build a decorative surround. We have some ideas for you. Give us a call and we can talk more!

What if our business moves?

If you aren’t sure how long you will be in your current location, it’s easy to move the DKOI Snap. (or you can check out our portable signs).