DKOI 5×8 Event Screen


Trailer with rotating lift mechanism with digital LED sign

Full color 5′ x 8′ single-sided display

Great for video content at events!

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Set up for an event in minutes with only one person! Watch videos on Netflix, YouTube, and more! The DKOI Multimedia trailer is an easy-to-use video display designed to be used outside and to be set up fast. The display is a single-sided display that is approximately 5′ x 8′ and can rotate for a great viewing angle. You don’t need technical knowledge to operate this sign. Park it, level it, plug-it in, turn it on, and connect your device. Stream video from a laptop or device via the HDMI input. Use in rain, snow, or sunshine! With its built-in lift, it can elevate the screen above crowds and obstacles. Connect your device and enjoy!

Bright enough for daytime events!

Great for events such as: trade show product videos, displaying event sponsors, your own backyard movie theater, tailgate parties, video game tournaments and more!

Ask us about USED units available for purchase.

Contact DKOI to purchase or rent.

Display size

5' x 8' single-sided

Full color

capable of playing videos, pictures, and text

Pixel pitch

p3.9 (viewing distance minimum: 18' – Best 36'+)


Sync content (plays video via HDMI input)


Electric plug-in (120V 20A circuit) requires 10ga heavy duty cord


1-year parts only

Connection options

HDMI port for live content.


2” ball, 4 pin plug for trailer lights (towable at highway speeds)


Approximately 13' to top of screen when raised


4 outriggers to level and stabilize the sign

Please Note

Customer is responsible for knowing and adhering to any regulations and obtaining any required permits.