Metal fabricating, agriculture, and digital signs are a unique combination. DKOI (pronounced “decoy”) is a start-up company in Northwest Iowa started by a metal fabricating company, is now partnered with an agricultural parts business, and specializes in digital signs. How did DKOI come to be?

In 2017, in Rock Valley, IA, a plan was initiated to create something new. DKOI was started as a side project of Kooima Company & Kooima Ag. These two companies have decades of experience and utilize cutting edge manufacturing and engineering techniques and tools. The goal was to use the expertise and resources of these two businesses to create a unique product unlike the many industrial and agricultural products normally produced by Kooima Company and Kooima Ag.

A team of engineers cooped up in a secret room in the warehouse spent hours upon hours and consumed many gallons of burnt coffee while developing what is now known as the DKOI X. Soon after unveiling the new sign, they began testing the market by renting and selling the signs in the local area with a great reception from the community. Even the prototype of the DKOI X is still in use today!

As the business grew, many new uses were found for digital signs and new products were introduced in 2019 to meet those needs. The DKOI X Multimedia sign was designed to be a small scale mobile movie theater for events, trade shows, or even back yard parties. The DKOI Lite was designed to keep all the essentials of the DKOI X, but cater to different advertising budgets and meet sign regulations in various cities.

Also introduced in 2019 was the first DKOI operated digital billboard in DKOI’s hometown of Rock Valley. It was a new and useful resource for people to advertise on in the community. DKOI digital billboards have since expanded into additional cities as an effective communication tool for organizations and businesses. If you are a landowner in a high traffic location, contact DKOI to have a discussion about potential opportunities for installing a sign on your property.

At the end of 2019, Kooima Company was acquired. Kooima Ag & DKOI retained the same ownership. Kooima Ag and DKOI work side by side in their new state-of-the-art facility in Rock Valley.

In 2020, DKOI introduced the DKOI Snap to meet the demand for permanent signage. DKOI signs can now be found all across America, from New York to Vegas and from Mississippi to Minneapolis.