DKOI (pronounced “decoy”) builds, sells, and rents portable digital signs, sells permanent signs, and has a growing network of digital billboards. DKOI is a combination advertising and manufacturing company in Rock Valley, Iowa.

With a background in the metal fabrication industry, the original team members of DKOI built a prototype digital LED sign trailer in 2017 to test the idea of renting and selling signs in the local market. Since then, DKOI has expanded its product lineup to include video screens for events, permanent signs, and a network of digital billboards for businesses to advertise on.

DKOI signs can be found all over the country from Las Vegas to New York, North Dakota to Mississippi. Even the prototype sign is still in use today!

In 2019 DKOI installed its first digital billboard in Rock Valley. DKOI digital billboards have since expanded into additional cities as an effective communication tool for organizations and businesses. If you are a landowner in a high traffic location, contact DKOI to have a discussion about potential opportunities for installing a sign on your property.

In 2020, DKOI introduced the DKOI Snap to meet the demand for permanent signage.