01 How is a DKOI powered?


Most signs can be plugged into a standard outlet (120V, 20amp). Required 10ga extension cords. Extension cords are available to rent.

Some DKOI’s have built in generators. Each hour that is used on the generator is subject to a per hour fee. Plus the cost of refueling. Fuel tanks must be returned full or customer will be subject to a refueling fee plus the cost of fuel.

Using your own generator is permitted, but must be 4000w or greater. This depends on the sign rented. Some signs require more power. Please ask us for details.


Some signs, such as the traffic safety signs are solar powered. DKOI also has a large event sign that requires a 220 plug. Ask for details.

02 How do I get my message on the sign?


We include FREE custom design and programming services for ONE MESSAGE that runs the duration of the rental. Rent for 4 weeks or more and we will include an additional program. Additional graphic design work is charged per hour. (For example: If content varies from day to day or multiple times during the rental). The first step is to send us any logo files, notes about what you want on the sign, and brand guidelines.
LIVE VIDEO Some signs are outfitted with an HDMI input for live video content.

03 Is this for Pick-up or Delivery?

PICK-UP Picking up the sign is the most common and most cost-effective option since it is FREE (and setting up a DKOI takes only minutes).

  • Required: 2″ ball (top of the ball should be between 18″ – 20″ off the ground)
  • 2″ ball and drop hitches available for rent.
  • Required 4 flat electrical plug for trailer lights
  • 4 pin to 7 blade adapters available for purchase

DELIVERY Full service round trip delivery, set-up, and return to DKOI starts at $75 (pricing based on location).

04 Other options


Call to discuss pricing

Ask us about our portable speaker if you need sound or talk with us about the DKOI X Multimedia option with built-in-sound.

05 How do I book a rental?


Send us an email through the contact form on the bottom of any page of our website. Please include the dates you would like to rent a sign so we can confirm rates and availability. Also include your choice of DKOI and what you plan to use it for.

A credit card is required upon booking a rental. We will provide an estimate prior to the rental. Taxes and additional options & services, generator hours used, damages, refueling fee, missing items, etc, if applicable will be calculated at the end of each rental and charged accordingly.


01 How do I make a purchase?

The first step is to contact DKOI so we can talk through options and we can provide an estimate. A 10% down payment is due at the time of order and all purchases must be paid in full before shipment or pick-up. Quotes are only valid for 14 days and are subject to change to due to steel surcharges.

02 Who is responsible for sign regulations & permits?

The customer is responsible for any sign regulations and required permits. Every city, county, and state operate using different rules and DKOI is not responsible for obtaining permits. The customer is responsible for investigating, knowing, and understanding local sign codes and obtaining proper permits. Permanent sign sales are contingent on signs not being used for off-premise advertising.

03 Does DKOI offer installation?

No, but DKOI will communicate with your contractors to provide sign/display specifications and details for the project. Our signs are easy to install. DKOI can keep prices lower and support local business by allowing other certified contractors to install our products. Consult with a local contractor for installation of your sign.

Due to the custom nature of building your own sign, DKOI does not provide brackets or poles aside from any pre-made kits we have developed. Consult with a local metal fabricator to make metal brackets for your sign.

The customer is responsible for providing electrical service to the sign. Consult with a local certified electrician for proper installation. Permanent signs require a dedicated circuit. A permanent sign can be wired to run using 120V, 208V, or 240V. The maximum power draw for each single-sided 4′ x 4′ LED cabinet is 1,000 Watts.

The customer is responsible for providing footings and cement. Consult with a local certified contractor for a proper foundation for your sign. The DKOI Snap cement pad needs to be a minimum of 9″ thick by 78″ wide by 153″ long. DKOI is not responsible for improper or unsafe installation.

The best and most convenient way to manage your sign content is to provide internet service to the sign. This allows you to control the sign content from anywhere with our included, easy-to-use, cloud-based software. The customer will need to provide internet signal to the sign via a network cable, Wi-Fi, or by purchasing cellular service through DKOI. Consult with your local internet provider for options. Alternatively, customers can connect to their sign via USB flash drive or short-range wireless connection (20-30′ away)DKOI is not responsible for improper or unsafe installation.

04 What is DKOI’s warranty?

There is a 1-year parts only warranty on everything unless otherwise specified.

05 Will DKOI deliver my sign, or do I need to pick it up?

DKOI offers delivery of prefabricated or portable digital signs. Each delivery requires a custom quote based on your location. No delivery is available for LED cabinets, as they are delicate by themselves. Any parts, cabinets, poles, brackets, etc. purchased for customer-built signs will need to be picked up by the customer at our warehouse in Rock Valley.