DKOI Snap - square 1DKOI Snap - square 1


Permanent LED sign with various mounting options

Full color 4′ x 8′ double-sided display

Prefab and simple to install

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The DKOI Snap is a permanent sign that installs in a snap AND at a fraction of the price of traditional digital signs. It is a 4’ x 8’ double-sided display capable of playing videos, pictures, and text. It’s an excellent way to share your message in a professional way with your community with minimal effort! If your business moves to a new location, it’s easy to take with you!

Your choice of 3 mounting options:

Low profile

Monument style riser kit

Single pole kit

Your choice of display:

Standard Resolution (great for text and simple pictures)

Upgraded Resolution (better for video content and more detailed images)

Contact DKOI to purchase a sign for your business!

Display size

4’ x 8’ double-sided or single-sided option

Full color

capable of playing videos, pictures, and text

Pixel pitch

p10 (Viewing distance minimum: 30’ – Best: 60’+)


Asynchronous content (plays in a loop)


easy to use cloud-based software included, requires internet connection to the sign – ask about options


1-year parts only


Automatic adjustment

Connection options

USB flash drive, short range wifi, network cable (or cellular service for an additional charge)

Moving the sign

Built in fork pockets and lift hooks


Steel riser base kit to elevate the sign

Please Note

Customer is responsible for installation, cement, electrical, and providing internet. Customer is responsible for knowing and adhering to any regulations and obtaining any required permits. Consult with a local contractor to provide a cement pad or footing and to secure the sign to the foundation. Specs for installation may vary depending on height and sign placement. Minimal assembly required. We can provide more details to your contractor. Have them give us a call. Consult with a local electrician to provide power to the sign. We can supply specifications for them.